Venice day 02 part 2

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Hello guys! I am back with another Venice post and this time it will be a continuation of day 2. I know this took a long time to post but eh better late than never right? 😛 Sorry about that, I have just been busy sorting out stuff for Uni and I can’t believe I’m flying back to Sheffield next week! My summer break in Singapore is going to end so soon and I am devastated but at the same time super excited to go back to Uni but super nervous!

For the second part of our day, we visited Saint Mark’s Basilica.  Here are some background information that I researched before visiting the place.

Saint Mark’s Basilica – look at that amazing architecture!

Saint Mark’s Basilica is a famous Cathedral in Venice and is best known for it’s architecture. If you have the chance to visit Venice, you would be totally amaze by the architecture of this Cathedral. I think I did a bad job capturing the details but you should witness it with your own eyes! Truly breathtaking! Did you know that Saint Mark’s Basillica is one of the most-visited sights in Venice and it is a must visit place for every tourist!

This is known as the bell tower which is on the same site as Saint Mark’s Basilica

The bell tower also known as the San Marco Campanile is one of the most recognisable symbols of the city and apparently, according the locals, the bell tower collapsed once in the late centuries! How amazing is this floating city? A city filled with so much history and beautiful architecutre. I definitely have to visit Venice again to explore more of the city.

A better look at Saint Mark’s Basilica

Saint Mark’s Basilica is extremely crowded so watch out for your belongings and items! There is this huge space in the middle where the crowd usually gathers to take pictures and it can get so overwhelming at times because of the crowd. I honestly think it such a beautiful place and you DEFINITELY MUST visit this place. It’s an essential to visit the Saint Mark’s Basilica.


by the way, did I mention that this place is filled with pigeons?
My brother feeding the pigeons.

Did I mention that this place is FILLED with hungry pigeons? I swear I don’t think I have ever seen so much pigeons in my life before. It was such an interesting experience that can never happen in Singapore to be honest.

You are allowed to feed the pigeons and there will be no one stopping or restricting you. So don’t worry about it! Feed the pigeons and pretend that you are Snow White for a minute or so. I swear the pigeons were a little too excited to eat so it was so crazy!


IMG_5044.jpgIn the beginning, I was quite afraid to stick my arm out to feed the pigeons. I don’t really like the pecking thingy they do when they try eat. So it was really intimating at the start but, after awhile it wasn’t too bad and I actually enjoyed myself!


A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: While we were feeding the birds, there were a group of man approaching tourists and placing bird food in our hands. We thought it was free of charge because they just gave us the bread and left. So basically what happened was, when we wanted to leave, this group of man appeared out of nowhere again and demanded money from us. It was super scary cause there were about 10 of them circling around us and demanded for money. We asked them why and they told us it was because they gave us the bird food. We were super confused cause we thought it was free! But anyway, be careful of them and don’t accept any food that they place in your hands!  Other than that, it’s all good!


Kinda like this picture cause you can see the bell tower and  Saint Mark’s Basilica

I think I love the gondola too much so there are tons of pictures of the gondola in my camera and my phone! I took so much photos when I was in Venice. So after our visit to Saint Mark’s Basilica, we decided to walk around and look around the shops. It was super busy that day and the crowd was just too much!

DSC00953.jpgI am obsessed with the buildings and the colours that compliments them! Such a pretty sight that I can never see in Singapore. What a bummer. DSC00957.jpg

Deffo my favourite picture through out our trip!

DSC00966.jpgDSC00968.jpgDSC00981.jpgThere are so many spots to take beautiful pictures of Venice! And don’t forget to include yourself in the pictures because I have tons of my face in the pictures! Here are some of them taken during day 2 of the trip!

this was at Saint Mark’s Basilica
Pigeons and more pigeons!
Such a beauty!
Wanted to be artistic but failed badly!


By the way, for Muslim travelers traveling to Venice, don’t worry about the food choices! There are plenty of restaurant that sells seafood and there is this kebab store (do note that they sell pork but according to them, the meat is halal and they are Muslims for Pakistan! It’s up to you though – I am in no position to say or judge anything!)

Anyway, that is the end of day 02! Well not really! I will have to put up part 3 of day 2 because it’s just too much pictures and omg the part 3 of our day is truly magnificent and beautiful and just amazing! I can’t wait to share part 3 with you guys!

I hope you enjoyed day 02 of Venice and the pictures that I shared with you guys!

Stay tune for part 3!

Remember to do good, be kind and love always!



2 thoughts on “Venice day 02 part 2

  1. All your photos are gorgeous! I would love to visit my family in Italy someday (: but I’d be super scared of all those pigeons haha glad to see you had a fun time with the birds, but stay safe xoxo


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